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As a “True child of TV” I have more than 20 years of experience in front of the camera. As a teenager, I played the role of Sophie Bonin-Jutras for nine years in the popular series Watatatow.

Since I was always more interested in asking questions than learning text, after Watatatow I completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism at UQAM and went on to host various youth programs on Radio-Canada television (including the daily Têtes à Kat), cultural programs (Art Circuit, Champagne!) and I participated in several programs as a columnist (Ricardo, Infoman, Des Kiwis et des hommes).

I have also contributed articles and content to many Quebec media properties including Ricardo, Journal of Montréal, Caribou, Chatelaîne and Coup de Pouce. My Food Tips of the Day (Tuyaux Bouffe) have been published on my blog and in various media properties around the world since 2010.

I have been invited regularly to talk about food on the radio, including reports on the shows of Benoît Dutrizac 98.5FM and Stéphan Bureau at Ici Première.

Here are some of the companies that I've worked with :

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